Here’s what Corona MotorSport has to offer:

Physically Based Shading

Unity 5 brings Physically Based Shading (PBS for short), which simulates the interactions between materials and light in a way that mimics reality. Corona MotorSport now has PBS and will continue to improve in future updates.

Controller Support

Use your Xbox 360, One, PS3 or PS4 controller (DS4Windows required for force feedback) with Corona MotorSport to enhance your racing experience!

Force Feedback/Vibration supported
Steering wheel support coming soon
Generic controllers are untested but should work

Unique Vehicle Physics

Corona MotorSport is powered by UnityCar 2.2, an advanced vehicle physics package for the Unity Engine. UnityCar combines simulation and arcade-style driving physics together to bring an interesting experience to the user.

Tuning Menu

Tweak specific values for each vehicle such as camber, suspension travel, gear ratios and more!


Pause the game at any time and select the FlyCam and position it anywhere in the level to take beautiful screenshots of vehicles or scenery

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