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About The Inventor’s Workshop

The Inventor’s Workshop was a 3D animation created for the Technology Student Association (TSA). The Technology Student Association is a non-profit national student organization devoted to teaching technology education to young people. Each year, competitions are hosted at the regional, state and national levels for students to compete against each other.

For the 3D animation competition this year, the prompt was to design, render and animate a workshop that may have belonged to a famous inventor. We chose to do Isaac Newton. The entire workshop was modeled from scratch in 3DS Max and brought to life inside the Unity game engine. The character model of Newton was created in Adobe Fuse CC and animated using motion capture technology, harnessing the power of two Xbox 360 Kinect sensors.


1st Place

2017 NCTSA Western Regional Conference – Boone, NC

1st Place

2018 NCTSA State Conference – Greensboro, NC

2nd Place

2018 TSA National Conference – Atlanta, GA

Created By

Luke Japaridze

Shot Composition
Motion Capture Technician
Lead Animator
Unity Expert

David Kubala

Storyboard Artist
Lead 3D designer
Lead Texture Artist
Motion Capture Actor
Animation Consultant
Animation Director

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