The BaggerBot is a portable and fully automated sand packaging system that represents the most advanced and highest throughput in-line packaging solution available today. The machine operator monitors the sand level in the hopper while attaching the empty sandbags to the conveyor assembly for fill and the machine does the rest. The machine will then fill the bags with sand and sew them shut to prevent the sand from escaping This automatic sand-bagging machine maintains bag control throughout the entire process and has a 99.9% success rate of filling and closing. The filled and sealed sandbag will then be moved from the machine via a conveyor for placement. They can be picked up manually or placed on a pallet for removal via forklift.

I was contracted by Golden Gate Mechanical to develop renderings for their prototype machine. The model was made in Solidworks, animated in 3DS Max and rendered in realtime using Unity’s HDRP framework.

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