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Corona MotorSport

Corona MotorSport is once again back and better than ever with a completely overhauled physics engine, a new graphics pipeline, improved AI and more!

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CoronaAI is a custom-built package for the Unity Game
Engine that implements Machine Learning (ML) algorithms
to assist with the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
in racing games. By utilizing the ML-Agents package from
Unity, several ML algorithms can be swiftly implemented
into a Unity Game.


Set in the not too distant future, ‘Genesis’ focuses on Andrea Winter, captain of the ACS Genesis, a colony ship sent out by the Aurora Corporation.

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In an alternate version of Earth where the Soviet Government won the race to the moon, you’ve crash-landed in one of the most inhospitable environments known to man. Will you be able to survive on the Moon with only what’s around you?

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LucasGame Studios, is an American software development studio, that specializes in creating video games that everyone can enjoy. We also specialize in 3D Animation, ArcViz rendering and contract work!

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