Corona MotorSport

Corona MotorSport is a simulation-based independently developed and published racing game. Developed by LucasGame Studios, Corona MotorSport features a constantly improving physics system, beautiful graphics and a variety of cars to choose from. Users can select a track and drive around in Freeroam or they can race against other vehicles in Race mode.

Corona MotorSport is powered by the Unity game engine and boasts a multitude of features. Real-world data is implemented into Corona MotorSport to bring accurate physics simulation into the game.

  • Pacejka Tire model
  • Realistic powertrain setups
  • 3D tire model
  • ECS, TCS, ABS simulation
  • Advanced Telemetry
  • Editable vehicle configurations
  • Force-Feedback simulation
  • Forced induction
  • Automatic, Automatic Sequential, CVT and Manual Transmissions
  • Clutch simulation
  • Open, Locked, VLSD, HLSD differentials
  • Adjustable suspension/alignment setups
  • and more!
  • Unity experimental HD Render Pipeline
  • Beautiful automotive-visualization grade shaders (clearcoat, metals, rubber, plastic, fabric, leather, etc)
  • Precomputed lighting setups favoring maximum performance and quality
  • volumetric lighting
  • updated environment shaders
  • customizable paint schemes


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LucasGame Studios



File Size

3.4 GB


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