CoronaAI is an experimental project aimed to apply Machine Learning techniques into racing games built with Unity.

This project was originally developed for presentation at University of North Carolina at Asheville’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Development began in January of 2021 and this project is still actively being developed to replace the AI system in Corona MotorSport and will eventually be made available to other developers for use.

A proof of concept was initially created using a simple oval course to demonstrate that the AI is capable of completing it’s tasks:

Once simple RL training was proven to be effective, the next step was to train it on an actual circuit from Corona MotorSport:

Development is still in progress, as the AI still struggles to complete full laps on complex circuits, an IEEE research paper is shown below with current progress:

Development Start Date



Luke Japaridze – LucasGame Studios


Dr. Marietta E. Cameron – UNCA CSCI

Dr. Kevin Sanft – UNCA CSCI

Project Status

In Development

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